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The snackbar component

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So for your app, you need a good old snackbar component. How difficult can it be? This was my initial thought as well. Let's find out 🙄

A note of caution: I was trying to find a quick solution for this, as another team was already developing the snackbar component.

The hidden PRD

At the initial thought a snackbar is a simple component which shows a perhaps white text text on black background on a strap. What we don't see is

  1. Auto-hide after t seconds
  2. Animate and bring up
  3. Animate and hide down
  4. Animation speed (going should be faster - as it would then seem as if the UI is snappy)
  5. Trigger the snackbar from redux store maybe?

... and many more

I decided to support

  1. Auto-hide after 3 seconds
  2. Changeable text (duh)
  3. Triggerable from redux store

Triggering from redux store

I felt this was the challenging part, as redux is going to trigger an UI change. I did not want to create a state in the store to do this.

My approach was using context api

Here is my snackbar component


Context API

We can use the context API like


Now, I feel this is a bit too verbose and at the call site things should be a bit simplified.

So, lets use a HOC component for this.

Introducing withSnackBarHOC


Now, at the root component you can wrap the default export with this wrapper.


Now at the call site where you are using redux, you can grab the showSnackBar function like this


Now pass the this.showSnackBar to redux method, while calling.

OK OK, I get it, this seems a long process as well. I just realized this while writing and explaining.

But, on the other-hand this is indeed simpler than managing in redux state.

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