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The feedback framework

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So recently in my current company, I went through a mid-year review process, and here is what I loved about it.

Overall breakdown

Objective feedback

It is encouraged to provide feedback based on tasks, actions, and results so that we can quantify the progress made. This focuses on the impact over time spent working.

Documenting the review received by talking to the manager

It is also encouraged to document the feedback received and the points covered in the discussion with the manager. This is where the manager talks about the good and the not so good aspects of your work.

Creating a goal sheet

This is a simple excel sheet where you mention your goals, self-assessment, and action items to finish it. Here you can provide a self-declared deadline that you intend to follow.

The goal sheet

This was the best part of the review. This was divided into

  1. Technical Skills
  2. Organization building
  3. Interpersonal Skills

Now, let's say there is a list of items which is needed of you based on your role. You can use that list as items in the goal sheet.

The objective action items

The action items need to be very objective. For example, let's say there is a goal, be better at javascript. Then if you write the action items as "read more blog posts", that is not very actionable.

So you should write your action items as objective as possible, i.e. I will understand JS and write two blog posts based on it and create one YouTube video.

This type of articulating the action items is awesome and seems so achievable.

Manager’s periodic review of the action items

This is where you and your manager get together and once every 3 months to do a follow up on the goal sheet, just to review how much progress you made and update the goal sheet if needed.


I have definitely liked the feedback process and you can use this framework you improve in your own life as well. Let me know what you think in the comment section.

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