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Rotting Oranges

Leetcode: https://leetcode.com/problems/rotting-oranges/

Editorial: https://leetcode.com/problems/rotting-oranges/discuss/238681/Java-Clean-BFS-Solution-with-comments

At each time interval, the rotten oranges are going to rot the adjacent oranges. Minimum time to rot all the oranges.

Solution Concepts

First Concept

What I liked about this problem was that I had to use a queue to have a list of all the rotten orange coordinates. It is easy to keep them in a queue, but at each step, I need to add adjacent oranges to the queue as well. So how will I keep count of the time?


while(!q.isEmpty()) {
    int elem = q.remove();

With this approach, I will incorrectly handle the time.

To solve it

while(!q.isEmpty()) {
  int queueSize = q.size();
  for(int i=0;i<queueSize;i++) {

With this approach, I need not run two queues or bother with size, it is awesome.

Second Concept To store a list of coordinates in queue

Queue<int []> q = new LinkedList<>();
q.add(new int[]{0, 1});

This is amazing, I need now create a class now to store the coordinates. I am creating a queue of array elements and I will add coordinates to the queue in the form of an array. Very smart!!

Third concept I need to go in the following directions, up, down, left, right

int directions[][] = {{0,1},{0,-1},{-1,0},{1,0}};

now get a coordinate and loop through the directions and create new direction by adding the existing coordinate with the direction x and y

for(int dir[]: dirs) {
  int newX = x + dir[0];
  int newY = x + dir[1];

  // validate newX and newY


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