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Creating a read more component in react

Add a '...read more' text to your long content

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Here is an example of how the component behaves. I figured rather than writing and trying to figure how this component works, it would be better if I show how this component works.


Truth be told, I was inspired to create this component from LinkedIn. So LinkedIn has this ...show more UI which shows a small section of a long content initially and when clicked, it shows the complete content.

LinkedIn show more

The art of creating it

Truth be told, I had seen how LinkedIn implemented this feature and I absolutely loved it. Their idea was define the line-height and then set the max-height property on a div, so that only that content is shown.

When someone clicks on the ...show more text then show the complete content.

Sounds awesome right? So I did the same thing to implement it.

The algorithm would be

  1. Get the line height
  2. Get the unit
  3. Show the content with the line height
  4. On clicking show more show the full content
  5. Set the position of show more to be absolute so that it can be placed at the last line to the right.

So what's novel about this approach?

The part I liked most was the insight that if you do not play with the line height, you won't be able to ensure a clean UI. Let us take an example to understand it.

If the line height is 2rem and you set a height of 7rem then your last line is bound to get cut off. That looks pretty bad. With the line-height set and height set to a multiple of line-height we do not encounter this issue.


As discussed in the previous section height should be a multiple of line-height. Also if you have padding and margin in your content then again the UI will get mixed up.

Anyways that's a problem to solve for another day.

The code

I don't think sharing code is super important but anyways, here it is.

 * @author Bisvarup Mukherjee
 * @date 23/05/2020

import React, { useState, useRef, useEffect } from 'react'

export interface Props {
  /** The component which you want to show an excerpt of. */
  children: React.ReactNode
  /** The default value is '...read more' you may want to change this */
  readMoreText?: React.ReactNode
  /** The line height size, default '1' */
  lineHeight?: number
  /** The height of the excerpt to be shown initially, default '5' */
  height?: number
  /** Unit of line height, by default it is 'rem' */
  unit?: string
  /** Optionally add classes to the read more label, default is '' */
  readMoreClass?: string
  /** Optionally do something on the click of read more, default noop */
  readMoreClick?: (e: Event) => void
  /** Support for styles of read more, default {} */
  readMoreStyles?: { [x: string]: string }

 * Wrap any component with this component to show a read more text. On clicking
 * the read more text user will be able to see the full content. On full content
 * is shown it cannot be reverted back.
 * There is also a withReadMore HOC wrapper along with this file. They do the same thing
 * and usage depends on the choice of the user
export default function ReadMore({
  readMoreText = '...read more',
  lineHeight = 1,
  height = 5,
  unit = 'rem',
  readMoreClass = '',
  readMoreClick = () => {},
  readMoreStyles = {}
}: Props) {
  const [showReadMore, setShowReadMore] = useState(true)
  const containerRef = useRef<HTMLDivElement>(null)
  const readMoreRef = useRef<HTMLDivElement>(null)

  const handleReadMoreClick = (e: any) => {

  useEffect(() => {
    if (!showReadMore || !containerRef.current || !readMoreRef?.current) return
    const divHeight =
      containerRef?.current?.clientHeight + containerRef?.current?.offsetTop
    const refHeight =
      readMoreRef?.current?.offsetTop + readMoreRef?.current?.clientHeight

    if (refHeight >= divHeight) setShowReadMore(false)
  }, [containerRef, readMoreRef, showReadMore])

  if (!showReadMore) return children

  return (
        position: 'relative',
        overflow: 'hidden',
        lineHeight: `${lineHeight}${unit}`,
        height: `${height}${unit}`
      <div ref={containerRef}>{children}</div>
          position: 'absolute',
          bottom: 0,
          right: 0,
          cursor: 'pointer',
          background: '#fff',
          fontSize: `${lineHeight}${unit}`,
          lineHeight: `${lineHeight}${unit}`,


In case you want to find this npm module or the github source

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